God’s leafy-love

On a day like today,
Sitting along last night’s campfire,
Still warm,
Life looks eternal.

The deep summer green,
The red-breasted nuthatch,
The ebullient squirrel,
The flicker.

The sun behind a high poplar.
The quiet updraft,
The last bits of June fuzz,
Ablaze from the inside.

To become thick with your surroundings,
it is imperative to sit for periods of time,
leaving your petulant thoughts behind.

But why befriend the air around you?

What if, in blending into what is here,
you found a way through the dictation of the day?
And into God’s leafy-love.


  1. ebullient squirrel?

    …effervescent, maybe
    but ebullient?

    (but maybe you are in BC
    and something else is a part
    of your squirrel’s s-t-a-s-h?)


  2. Ha! Au contraire, mon frère Craig. Our squirrel is tuely ebullient. Yes, effervescent as well, yet, she ‘bubbles out’ before she sparkles and frothes. But I will check her stash.

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