Art for the Heart of Edmonton review

On Saturday, May 22, art from the hearts of more than a dozen artists turned Hope Mission’s Immigration Hall into an international gallery—as galleries go, a kind of Metropolitan, Tate, and Uffizi montage. (Yeah, I looked up Uffizi)

If you missed the event, you missed out. A wide swath of styles? Quite so. Art with an exceptional range of emotion? You bet! Pieces with layered and limpid insight? Oh yes.

Thank you “Art Heart” artists, for supporting Hope Mission. And thank you to everyone who came by the busy and beautiful gallery.  

Check out some of the participating artists:

Darlene Adams
Becky Dimmock
Levi Dunford
Saeed Hojjati
Joseph Mclaughlin
Chris Riley
Jared Robinson
Emilia Thomas (Photography)
Edwin Tuts
Edin Viso (International Art Collection)  


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