Sharing the little purple berry

While the general race to tear down the elemental health of our world by overtaxing and exploiting its resources carries on, there is one man who sits up at night scheming to keep at least part of the earth solvent and one of its plants widely propagated and free of the ever-tightening corporate grasp to own the earth’s seed stock. Hand in hand with this initiative is his desire is to care for the nutritional needs of the poor in our communities.

haskap handful Craig Larsen believes in the simple counter-cultural act of growing and sharing your own food—in this case, haskap, an edible blue honeysuckle.

Craig is willing to share these plants at very little cost. All he asks is that anyone who grows haskap is also willing to share 10 to 20 percent of the harvest with the poor.

If you are interested in helping him disseminate the little purple berry into local food markets as quickly and as cheaply as possible please visit his site; in particular read the sidebar.

Craig, you’ll discover, is also willing to share his knowledge. Read about this fit-for-Canada plant with its delicious and highly nutritious fruit—and how you can care for the earth and her communities.


  1. Deb,

    Thanks for being open to sharing…

    I have started the echo to this blog to allow people to express what this is doing for them and their worlds:


    Thank you for this pleasant surprise. I DO scheme, but I’m too old to sit up at night and do so any more… And besides, after scheming then reality usually gets played out…but I will take credit for trying at least! 😉



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