Unite for human rights in Iran, Today

ON February 11, in 1979, the Shah of Iran was overthrown. Feb. 11, equivalent to July 1 in Canada (Dominion Day), or July 4 in the United States, became a day commemorating liberty, independence and freedom.

There was hope in 1979. What happened however was that one brutal, oppressive and corrupt regime was replaced with another brutal, oppressive and corrupt regime.

It’s a failed revolution that millions of Iranians desire redressed.

The Iranian government has consistently violated basic human rights. It is responsible for executions (Recently two activists who were accused of inciting the post-election protests on June 12th were executed – even though these men had been held in detention long before the violence erupted), torture, arbitrary arrests, countless abuses and of course censorship, wherever and whenever possible.

But censorship is increasingly difficult to maintain in today’s networked world. And so, Grow Mercy, along with thousands of other blogs are making today, Unite for Human Rights in Iran day.

Spread the word. Link your Facebook page, your blog, your website.

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