Bouquets to all “Held Upon the Earth’s” attendees and performers

While still living off the afterglow of the performances last weekend, and at the same time, skirting a kind of adrenaline-katzenjammer, I do not want to forget to thank every intrepid soul who thumbed their nose at the snow and cold and came out to Held Upon the Earth.

And to each of the performers–I throw buckets of frankincense and myrrh. Thank you. There was magic.

Take time to explore the talents of these artists. Christmas is coming, buy their CD’s, go to their theatre productions and performances. Be blessed.


Andrea House    (Myspace)



Chris Smith’s short CV

Bands:  Le FuzzThe Almost Leather Band


Amy Van Keeken’s Bands: The SecretariesDub VultureThe Colleen Brown Band



Dana Wylie (Website)   (Myspace)



Coralie Cairns   (Theatre)   (Filmography)



John Sproule  (just one of many reviews)



Producer, Playwright, David Belke

John Sproule & me

And to fill the frames:  John Sproule and Yours truly


  1. Steve, you are an amazing writer and it was really wonderful to hear your beautiful stories out loud. Let’s do it again next year!!

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