The blog-o-sphere is a-buzz with the scandal of the American president bowing to the Japanese Emperor.


What?  a head of state showing respect and deference to other leaders? What? a president with humility? What of the Western code? What of American hauteur? lordliness? Oh the subservience, oh the obsequiousness, oh the howwah!

Here’s a tame sampling of what’s being said.

"Americans don’t bow, especially presidents!"
"Personally, I’d rather have my President throw up…"
"How low can he go…?"
"Obama is a disgrace and a complete joke!”
"This muslim is such a apologizing freak…!”

"It was bad enough when "Husain" Obama bowed to the Saudi King, but now he is bowing low to the Japanese Emperor.”

What this last quote is referring to, if you recall, was the other bow, six months ago. Well, do you see a pattern? It’s a dang bowgate!

Once again only the fake news can inject some sanity into the bilious reaction of the patrioteers. (end of clip zeros in on the Saudi bow)

The Daily show mocks the bow dust-up

So glad I live in Canada where I can have complete confidence in a leader who’ll never bow and scrape.


Ya see–not even close.


  1. Humility…hmmm… something Christ talked about and something written about in the Proverbs. Sure wouldn’t want a President to be caught following the teaching/example of Christ and the Bible now would we?!

  2. Though your words made me smile, it’s very sad…all the things we value above humility and respect and understanding, our western superiority and hubris–these things have the power to stall and undo so much good.

  3. In my profession we call what Obama did multicultural competence.

    My fear is that some of those who made those comments call themselves Christians….

  4. Kudos to Obama.. will say this though, it WAS a bit deep; a bow like that is kinda like a ‘sincere apology’ bow..

    jeez… that sounded really geeky.. maybe ive been in japan too long..

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