Dying for Climate Change

October 24: Teryl Berg’s speech at the “Dying for climate change” demonstration in front of Alberta’s legislative buildings. (Apologies for video and audio quality)

CTV – Edmontonians play dead in global day of climate action.

Edmonton Journal – Lying down for change.

Teryl Berg, a member of the University of Alberta’s Greenpeace on Campus group and one of the event’s organizers, said worsening climate conditions are having a major impact in Alberta as well as the rest of the world.  Full story here: Edmonton Sun

Teryl interviewed



  1. A very cold day but you did a great job Teryl! The Raging Grannies were entertaining as usual. It was good to see such a cross section of ages and interests being involved in wanting to see our government be a good steward of this world – which is a gift and a responsibility that we too often take for granted. Yes, we as individuals need to do our part but if large corporations and government aren’t doing theirs then we will leave a mess for our children and grandchildren. Thanks again for being willing to speak out on this issue.

  2. Thanks so much for your support Mom and Dad!! I love you both so much and really appreciate your willingness to talk about this issue. You definitely have to see “The Age of Stupid” sometime. It’s a documentary about climate change that will make you want to do everything you can to stop it. We screened it on campus tonight and had some really good feedback from people.

  3. Nice work Teryl!!
    Wow… organizing and actually putting something like this together mustve been a HUGE effort… way to go!! Age of Stupid you say?? Im gunna try to find it right now..

    Again, nice work!! nice speech too!! twas a bit windy for the audio at first there, but cleared up.. wish idve gotten to see you all die too.. uh.. i mean, (lol) see everyone lie down and maybe some passers-by reaction action.. curious as to how many people showed up as well..

    anyway, thats so cool what youre doin teryl, fightin the good fight.. wow.. how many Bergs is that on TV this year so far??

    really proud of you!!

    talk soon ya??

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