1. Hey thanks scout. Found one on the inside cover of a forgotton album. The only other one I found was of me being frisked by constable on Pemberton…I have a feeling you might have taken it.

  2. This is such a great article Dad.

    “The full life of the Christian is in knowing no ultimate self-completion. Its reward is in undergoing the pain of contingency. Only then can experiences of beauty–themselves transient and impermanent–be enjoyed in the present, and then, be recognized as road signs.”

    It’s hard to accept, but its true. We will never be “complete” as human beings, but we can live fully in the present. I’ve been reading Victor Frankl lately and he talks about unconditional faith in an unconditional meaning. There is meaning to each experience and moment, whether beautiful or broken, regardless of how it turns out for us as individuals, because a meaning that can be robbed through a change in circumstance is not a real meaning at all. When it is impossible to be happy then we can still find meaning by suffering with dignity and turning a challenge into a triumph of human spirit. Things I’m thinking about…

    And maybe there is a “super meaning” that transcends our understanding, but we cannot claim to know it and when we do (when we get too bogged down with religious dogma) we are likely to be embarrassed by contradiction. For god is not just “the good Lord” who heals the sick, but also the force which allows suffering in the first place.

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