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In relation to the notion of a disarmed heart, I’d like to invite Grow Mercy readers to my wife’s website.


Here’s an introductory insight from Deb Berg – Life-coach.

Inscape Training & Mentoring exists to guide people toward a more bluebutterfly compassionate world. When we fail to see through the lens of self-awareness we self-justify and self-condemn – 2 forms of self-violence. This violence towards ourselves leads to violence towards others. Increasing our self-awareness will allow us in turn to treat others in more compassionate ways. Imagine a world where we all were learning to live in harmony with ourselves and others. Are you ready to do your part?


  1. Each one of us has tasted
    With ecstasies of stealth
    The very food debated
    To our specific strength

    Emily Dickinson


    The differential between fist andface is so undeniable.
    Your choice of the word ‘imagine’ – the invitation to ACTIVE artistry.

    My God, you are courageous.

    I will smile all day today for you and when I am asked why I am smiling I will say, ‘I know this great woman, who is doing this great thing.’

    You are in my thoughts and prayers…


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