1. cool steve, ya got published and got some denaro for it 😀

    i’ll have to look for this film…when it’s put on dvd.

    meantime i shall continue practising my way of life….it has much of the bible in it but is not religion because it is a way of life…..unfortunetly modern society calls first nations ways ‘religion’….as religion is of human manufacturing , this label is just oh so wrong as first nations is to be a part of nature……i’m just not always so good at being natural 😀

  2. Yeah, my cold, calculating white middle class rational mind always told me that those prayer meetings at Enron would come to no good in the end!

    (nice article, stephen)

  3. good article

    as a follow up you may want to give us your review of the new movie with seymour hoffman called doubt

    there is an interesting interview in Christianity today (online version) with the man behind this movie that echoes much of what you are saying in this piece.

  4. Thanks Len, I’m looking forward to seeing this movie. Just got wind of it the other day.

    Craig, Just start with believing one impossible thing before breakfast and work up from there. (Thanks)

  5. George Stroumboulopoulos had Bill Maher and Larry Charles, the director of the movie, as guests on The Hour last night. Larry Charles said it was God’s will that they came together to make this movie.

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