Stephen Harper must resign

Having tired of Canada’s primary political colours, we at Grow Mercy (that’s me), these past few elections, have voted Green. Yes, internal justification has not always been easy, and we recognize our voting behaviour has been at least as much protest as support for an "under construction" Green platform. But this week, as no other week, have we felt more vindicated.

Stephen Harper has managed to conjure up Cerberus. And, as they say, he has only himself to blame. Harper, politically vain, and surprisingly vindictive, gave life to this creature–this we’re-mad-as-hell-and-we’re-not-going-to-take-it-any-longer coalition.Cerberus







But know that it’s only their contempt of Stephen Harper that fits their heads on this body, nothing else. Remove Harper and they’ll gnaw themselves into oblivion.

So the merciful thing, the sensible thing, is for Stephen Harper to resign. (Interim leader Jim Prentice?) It may not prevent Cerberus from a stint at the helm, but it will set the stage for a House cleaning, or at least a good dusting. Because something has to give when we’re at a place where, as Rex Murphy said last night, "It’s all politics and no government."

It used to be said of Cerberus, that he was so dreadful to behold that anyone who looked upon him turned to stone. No longer, now he mainly looks silly guarding the fallen gates of Parliament. But no sillier and sadder than our out-going Prime Minister.


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  1. I’m impressed on the “green” front…

    Me too if I could vote in the North or the South.

    Personally, I think they’re the only parties in either Canada or U.S. who actually look at the whole picture, by seeing our present condition through understanding the past in order to consider the future generations.

  2. Masterful editorial comment, Steve. Loved the part about Cerberus. Harper’s fate remains to be seen. He made a mistake in the election campaign when he commented on culture in Quebec. It cost him the majority. The extend of the cost here remains to be seen.

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