Breath out

There was a moment in this morning’s meditation–while breathing out–when all the niggling doubts, confined frustrations, genuine worries, regrets, and all the everyday things to do–and things forever left undone, were released.

I rarely have these moments. Probably because my meditation is sporadic and shallow. But every once in a while, a moment, be it ever so brief, caught in that ethereal dream catcher, stops, turns in on itself and sweeps a body clean. Almost like the exhale of John Coffey in The Green Mile. But without the black flies and fatigue.

mybackonbridgeIt does give one renewed hope, not only in the practice of meditation, or centering prayer, but hope that the power of everyday anxiety is not fixed, or indeed, always real. And hope, that in small moments, life still breaks in and reverses entropy and age. That once in awhile, the inexorable movement of energy to mass in mind and body, is stalled…and that a soul can be unencumbered.

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