Today I wear a white T-shirt with nothing on it. I wear it blank as an affront to this world of mind-arresting slogans.

And I wonder…in an age of near reality surrounded by fabricated stimuli, does a body forget?



As I walk I feel a tenuous wake of air curl around my lenses and brush my eyelashes.

As I walk in the warmness that is an August morning I peel a small wooden match using my fingernails until I’m left with a point that fits easily between my teeth and I push out a poppy seed stuck there from breakfast toast.

As I walk I feel my heels compress the soles of my sandals and hear a gritty reply from the stones that lodge in the gavel parking lot.

And I consider that there is nothing wrong with our age that an attentive walk couldn’t fix.


  1. as always, you’re imagery is wonderful.

    how is it that we began wearing ‘designer labels’ and paid extra to advertise for them? blank clothes….that’s what i wear save for the odd t-shirt made by an independant artist.

    my body , thankfully, HASN’T forgotten the feel of man-made fabrics….ew, yuck, i can’t breathe! and almost all that is is fabricated, n’est pas? a walk, tiny glimpses of nature…..or into the forest where we are reminded we are nothing compared to nature. yes, a walk is good 😀

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