Canadian Authors Association CanWrite 2008

Writers write…still believing–to paraphrase Elie Wiesel–in the dream that a word rightly written takes on the power of a deed.

This past weekend, at my first Canadian Authors Association conference, I was brought into contact with these dreamers. To a person, from seers to pop-pundits, these writers still believe that that “thousand-words-worth” a picture may elicit, will still always take you to the heart of what a picture cannot help but conceal. And today, in a world gone media-graphic, the counter weight of this faith is culturally imperative. Why? So we can imagine in contour and save ourselves from the great flattening.

Hats off to these hope-ers. And next time you’re in, say, Audreys Books, pick up a book by a national or local author.

A highlight, among the many highlights, was listening to the winning CAA authors read from their work. The Literary Award winners were: poet Asa Boxer  for The Mechanical Bird, dramatist Colleen Murphy – for The December Man, Mark Haroun won the Emerging Writer Award, history writer Robert Wright for Three Nights in Havana, and fiction writer Paulette Giles for Stormy Weather.

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