Dear Prime Minister Harper, In light of the apology you will offer our First Nations people today, I thought it might be fitting for you to say these  words:


Thank you to Wendy Morton, for sending me this picture/poem, and for permission to post it.  (click on the picture to open)

This is one of 20 evocative poems that Wendy wrote, now on exhibit at the Alberni Valley Museum in B.C. She was given journals and archival photos to help her write the poems, many, like this one, where put onto the archival photos.


  1. That would be so good if some of these photos and images would be a part of Prime Minister Harpers apology today – wonder if he is aware they exist…

  2. There is considerable information via on-line video at NFB and CBC documentaries. I recommend everyone to spent a couple of hours just watching and listening. I say couple of hours, because once you start, you just keep going… Although there are both a mixture of full-length films and shorts.

  3. I was gratified to hear how the words spoken yesterday encouraged and gladdened the hearts of many native Canadians.
    Let’s hope that this is the beginning of a new partnership that repairs the broken foundation upon which we have built our nation.

  4. I was also encouraged by the apology, and encouraged by some of the comments of aboriginals who gathered to watch the apology.

    What now? Because this tragic thing is still being played out in inner-cities and reservations across the country, we watch and wait and work for the apology’s “follow-through.”

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