Pain conspires to separate out our constituent parts and experience them as unassociated. Pain proposes a symptomatic view that can lead us away from our holistic memories. And as in the bodily organism so in the communal organism. Pain will plot to part us. But it will fail. The anonymity that pain desires, that would also lead to its intensification, will be overcome by the interconnection of compassion. The suffering of one will be borne by others, and the healing of the others will be transferred back to the sufferer. Just as a touch, a slight loving pressure, an acupuncturist’s needle in an extremity, will free an endocrine gland for proper secretion, or move the liver to synthesize, or strengthen a heart. Truth is found in the interconnected whole.

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  1. good thoughts

    we are what we are and what we will become by relationship and interconnectedness

    pain seeks to separate and dissolve the bonds that feed our humanity

    it is at these points of pain where we most need to bring to bear our humanness and our Godlikeness.

    I think that is what you do for a living…..isn’t it?

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