Dalai Lama’s lesson for Stephen Harper

Credit PM Stephen Harper for officially welcoming the Dalai Lama, a first for Canadian politics. Leaders of the past Liberal government, hyper sensitive over Chinese opposition, met the Dalai Lama in the back of a Roman Catholic church. Also credit Jason Kenny (Multiculturalism) for speaking without reservation against Chinese oppression. And credit the Dalai Lama for acknowledging the Canadian overture.

dalailamaharper But also credit the Dalai Lama for chastising Harper over the Afghanistan war, as he had done with Bush over Iraq.

The Dalai Lama, in his characteristic low-key charismatic way, cautioned Harper that violence begets violence, and said, “I always believe non-violence is the best way to solve problems.”

There’s little ambiguity about the Dalai Lama’s pacific stand regarding national conflict, and his non-violent message in general. So, as a Christian, I ask myself, who better represents and reflects the life and teachings of Christ, the Dalai Lama or our current (evangelical) Christian leaders?


  1. Thank you for the thought-provoking question. It was interesting to read as tonight my young adult children and I were discussing the way in which the teachings and practices of Buddhism too often more accurately reflect the Gospel teachings than the Evangelicalism that they were raised with (unfortunately, not only the church they attended taught them this but also my former self). It was an interesting conversation! What more can I say?!

  2. Although not necessarily on topic, except for being on the list of surprises… and something that demonstrates how far gone are some Westerners… if you get a chance, watch this episode of The Daily Show on-line where Stewart interviews President Evo Morales. It is equally, although differently, enlightening. Address below.

    Hey maybe the Dalai Lama will be on The Daily Show? 🙂 It would not surprise me. Reading this, also makes me want to see Seven Years in Tibet again. There is something to be said about people, in their culture and faith, who consider all living things as they move along through life, taking care of even the worms within the soil. (see movie).

    I sum up with quote from my EnvSci book.

    “In the end, we conserve only what we love. We will love only what we understand. We will understand only what we are taught. — Baba Dioum

    So back on topic. The Dalai Lama was taught to take care of all things, beneath and above the soils. We are taught that these things are to be conquered and used for “our benefit” to the point of war. The idea of “manifest destiny” survives today, and it extends into global communities; accept our version of democracy, give us your resources, or die.

    (not sure if this will come up as a link)


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