Fran says Stelmach’s Alberta Government notice a Lie

Fran will be evicted at the end of the month. Her apartment at the Burlington Arms, she’s been informed, is being converted to condo’s.


It happens, and Fran understands in a what-are-you-going-to-do sort of way. She tells me that most of her neighbours have been able to find places or make temporary arrangements.

But what Fran is really aggravated over is a Provincial government postcard size ad in the Sun Newspaper stating that legislation was passed last April 24, making it compulsory for owners and developers to give one year notice to tenants before making any condo conversions or major renovations.

Well, the ad, with phone number to call, should naturally be helpful. But to Fran, the ad is a lie. She called, and was told nothing could be done because the apartments were already designated as condos, had been, apparently, shortly after they were built. But to the tenants, Burlington Arms was an apartment block and had always been managed as such.


(Fran on the steps of the Legislature. She said she was interviewed by the Edmonton Journal and CFRN TV–now scooped by GrowMercy. She’s just hoping someone will listen.)

Once again the Alberta economic advantage is kicking in just in time to save the wealthy from the rabble. Such as Fran, formidable in her cardboard box, mobilizing who can tell what other vast resources so as to block Alberta’s nouveau riche property owners from their rightful windfalls. (Sorry, my cynicism is showing.)

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