Secret to LIfe

Perhaps this post might be an encouragement and even a shot of hope across the bow of your life.

You see, I’ve discovered the secret to life in all its dimensions. And it’s this:

One really excellent decision will cancel out the idiotic decisions of a lifetime and help you make less idiotic decisions in the future.

I made an excellent one 21 years ago today.

Granted, it wasn’t always easy. (This being a second go for each of us.) Even our wedding (shown below) was rather surreal. Almost as though we were observers.


Still, as we’ve walked this married path, we’ve gradually inhabited ourselves, (you’ll have guessed where most of the credit must go for this) becoming, I believe, increasingly more of who we are and who we were meant to be through a long journey of self-discovery, which, ironically, must always be done through partnership.

Here’s to excellent decisions for all.


  1. What a “stiff” looking bunch.
    Berg’s or Walton’s? 🙂

    Our couple friend’s in NC experienced a lot of time apart due to his international travel for his job. I mentioned how it must be difficult. At the time, she responded, “…it still seems like he is there… even though he is gone…” She described how they are so close and knew each other so well, that separation did not take away from their partnership. Of course she preferred and loved when he was home though… It was not the response I expected because most people focus on the seperation more. It can take such a toll. I believe they do well because they support who each other is and who they are becoming.

    So congratulations on the 21 years!
    We reached 18 on the 8th.

    Have a memorable day!

  2. thanks for testifying to this one victory of hope over experience

    21 years eh?
    it looks like this marriage thing might work out after all

    congratulations to you both

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