Geez’s Summer Issue


I’ve referred to geez magazine (see sidebar link) a couple times in past posts, but, forgive me, I need to make special mention of geez’s sixth issue because they’ve published something of mine.

So, next time you’re in Chapters, Coles, Smithbooks…pick up a geez. Better yet, by-pass the nasty conglomerates and subscribe directly. Why? Well, yes, there’s me, ahem, but infinitely more than that…as say the editors,

Because it’s time we untangle the narrative of faith from the fundamentalists, pious self-helpers and religio-profiteers. And let’s do it with holy mischief rather than ideological firepower.

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  1. I’ll have to get a copy
    if they print your stuff they must be good

    and that blurb from their cover

    “holy mischief in an age of fast truth ”
    is about as good a remedy as i can think of for the ills of the world we live in

    btw in case you didn’t know
    Ideas on CBC is doing a 2 part show on Rene Girard. The first part aired last Friday…it was great. The next one is this Friday on CBC 1 at 9pm in my time zone

    don’t miss it (unless you have to)

  2. Hi Len,

    It’s geez as in Jeez. Remember when you were a kid and Jeez was such a swear word. Well, it’s like that…a bit of mischeif.

    The magaziine is a wonderful balance to magazines like Christianity Today, Faith Today.

    As well, the editor used to edit Adbusters…and yup, geez has no ads other than spoofed ads.

  3. Have pity on those of us in under developed nations with restricted access to such publications. There appears to be no mention of your article in the 6th edition’s website preview. Do you have another screen name of which I am unaware?

  4. Unfortunately the website isn’t comprehensive. Not all the writers are listed…I’m thinking only more established writers. (something to aspire to?) I’ll post the article sometime. And thank you for your abiding interest.

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