Beauty out of context


I was alerted to this Washington Post article by a friend who takes time for beauty.

The article asks: Is beauty still beauty outside a frame? Is beauty still beauty if it’s not recognized? Can we recognize beauty out of context and beyond our pet categories?

Read, watch and listen

It’s a bit of a classical music as well as a philosophy refresher. But far more, it’s not merely another observation on our distracted spirits, it’s an experiment with a moral.

Be surprised, relieved and convicted.

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  1. Gene Weingarten has the most verbose translation of “Take time to stop and smell the roses” I have encountered. The core introspective muse, “Would I have stopped to listen?”, continues to resonate. Several days before reading the article, I encountered 2 deer crossing a four lane road in the city during morning rush hour. At least on that occasion I pulled to the roadside, stopped, and exchanged several glances with the pair before watching them leisurely wander down the path leading into the forest. Apparently roses can also have 4 legs.

  2. Fred, yours was the simple act of a contemplative. I love the picture of deer perambulating at ruch hour. And yes, Gene ambled as well, which forced me into a more meditative read. Because of course I time-conscious-skimmed first time through.

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