Hit by the arch of a smile

Bits of grainy snow. Sky of graphite. Walked home from work dodging arcs of slush bursting from Bridgestones.

Here it is, the tail end of Tuesday and it’s already tempting to put the world off until the weekend. Wrap the day in old newspaper and lay it away ’till the sun comes out.

terylssmileBut, a smile penetrated the pogonip; falling on my snow-scowl.

You embarrassed me by your shameless geez-it’s-soupy-out-here-but-what-the-hell. Were you resurrected too?

You noticed how I needed that? Of course. But then you knew all along how we all need each other. The corners of your eyes said we meld, or we miss it all. That’s what I think. And why put up with any other kind of world?

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  1. I like the picture. What a great smile that is! Ya, I love it when people smile at me. Or when they just walk around smiling to themselves and radiating happiness. It’s infectious.

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