Sticky Issues and Easter

I’ve never set out to be controversial. I don’t think it’s in my nature. Not to say I haven’t tasted the desire to be…and have followed-up. But I also know that controversy for it’s own sake is a form of cover.

Still, when something settles in on me on a deep existential level, it necessitates some form of airing.

So here’s the latest airing. (It will be controversial for some, routine for others.)

Easter Offering 2007 EdJournal

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  1. I think you nailed it, and though I know it is, I don’t have any idea why this would be controversial anymore.

  2. This is the best sermon I have been exposed to in a long time.

    Too bad you are such a nice guy.
    I almost wish you were a wildeyed backwoods prophet who could come down from the Rockies to expose the modern church for what it has become.

    won’t sombody please turn over the moneychangers tables and whip the mechandisers of men from the temple?

    But till that guy shows up you’ll do alright.
    Keep up the good work and words.

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