Condition of Justice

Postmodern philosopher Jacques Derrida said:

"To address oneself to the other in the language of the other is, it seems, the condition of all possible justice, but apparently, in all rigor, it is… impossible…"

I believe he’s exactly right about this being the condition of justice. But I hope with everything that’s in me, that he’s wrong about it being impossible. Except that the weight of evidence seems unassailably in his favour.

But if the Incarnation happened, the condition has been met. It just hasn’t been seriously applied.

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  1. Apparently St. Patrick was able to find the voice and language you speak of

    “Only this former slave had the right instincts to impart to the Irish a New Story, one that made sense of all their old stories and brought them a peace they had never known before.” Because of Patrick, a warrior people “lay down the swords of battle, flung away the knives of sacrifice, and cast away the chains of slavery.”

    from How the Irish Saved Civilization.

    God love the Irish

    Happy St. Patties Day Steve

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