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AnswersinGenesisadsmI’ve let my Christianity Today subscription lapse, but in the ways of marketers they continue with a few past-date issues hoping to rekindle an interest.

So with February’s issue, (this has got to be the last one) lying on the coffee table for a few days now, I sit down, flip it open, and I’m greeted with this ad. It has my attention.

Am I too sensitive? Too Canadian? Too pagan? Help me understand why a Christian publication that claims to be the leading Evangelical voice would run an ad like this? I know revenue is involved. But what are the guidelines here?

Of course the ad says everything you want to know about Answers-in-Genesis-dot-org. The group, I learn, that sees itself as a true bastion of capital-E Evangelical Christendom. The "org" that would save the faithful from the blight of secular humanism. And would then save the straying, if they’re not too far along in their indoctrination from the depraved universities, the godless liberals, and the reprobate evolutionists. I wish I was embellishing here.

Their mission and method for correcting all this is through, "Upholding the Authority of the Bible from the very first verse."

The same Biblical Authority that inspired this ad. The Biblical Authority that helps us see how all atheists and agnostics, and doubters, are natural killers. And you, could be their next mark.

All this is enough to make me embrace a healthy atheism. God would understand.

In the mean time it has at least spurred me into one last missive to CT. And that’s it!

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  1. I guess I must be naive Len but I can’t believe that website! How can anyone presume to know God’s mind? to be so rude? to be so ignorant?….???

  2. Hi Lucy:
    Thanks for taking note of the links.

    Phelps is a warped duck, but unfortunately he is not the only one. Many ordinary Christians harbour similar, if somewhat less venomous attitudes
    Sadly there are more than a few earnest souls who believe that hating what they say God hates is the Chrsitian thing to do.

    Unfortunately for us all, these twisted people twist already difficult and twisted bibilical references into a web of self hatred and ‘other’ condemnation.

    They have half lost their sanity trying to make the jots and tittles of the Good Book line up like ducks all in a row. Once they think they have them in marching order they want to goose step those jack booted mallards all over the rest of us.

    We do need to stand against fascist ways even if they are couched in christian language. Perhaps especially if.

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