Paris Hilton and the Homeless

Here’s a post I never thought I’d do…I’m going for traffic, obviously not tone. Forgive me when it’s all over.

So anyway, at the end of these LA conferences we are always given a day to relax, sightsee, and generally become the tourists we are.

There are always options. This year there was golf, symphony, Santa Monica or Paris Hilton.

Okay, I made the last bit up. What happened was that a group of us that chose to traipse around Santa Monica pier stumbled upon the Socialite filming her new movie, with the oh so clever title, ’The Hottie and the Nottie.’ Just like it says on her chair. How tedious…


(…but hold on Steve, don’t cast that stone. After all, remember, after the security guard told you where you could stand, you, like any unabashed paparazzo, were snapping pictures at every "sighting.")


Okay, anyway, after an interminable amount of time and hairspray, Ms. Hilton popped up and pranced (Left: Yes, she actually did prance.) to a carnival-like set under a great black screen.

Then, in the company of a midget dressed as a mime and a girl that resembled Oz’s Dorothy, she did all of 20 seconds of dialogue before the requisite, "cut."

Do you suppose there’s a chance this one may go direct-to-DVD?

From there, we unwound by riding the 84 year old Santa Monica pier carousel. The same carousel where Paul Newman and Robert Redford perpetrated their "Sting."

After this we shuttled off to Venice Beach, which my colleague Janelle accurately described as Edmonton’s White-Ave on crack.
But in my estimation, on the bizarre-barometer, Venice Beach still registered below the "primping of Paris." Careful.

Venice Beach stroll

I did find something redeeming about Ms. Hilton. Last fall, as reported on the Daily Dish, Ms. Hilton thrilled a homeless man in Hollywood when she handed him a $100 bill.

Apparently, the cheeky panhandler raced up to the wannabe singer’s/actress’ car as she was leaving a McDonald’s and asked her for $100.

Bystanders heard him drop his price to just $1, but, with cameras from focused on her, Hilton decided she was feeling generous. She reached into her bag and handed him a crumpled $100 bill…and posed for a picture.

As someone involved in fundraising for the homeless, LA certainly holds the most promise for a guilt-induced giving campaign.

Bless you for sullying yourself and allowing me to purge. (smiley face here)

It’s good to back in snowy Edmonton.

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  1. LOL

    Steven Berg
    paparazzo to the profane
    and the profound

    I see a glossy magazine
    in your future

    either you are publishing it
    or perhaps just reading it
    inside the outhouse
    out back of the old family farm
    (my crystal ball is cracked in the cold
    so i’m not sure which it is)

    loved this post

    and somehow
    I still admire
    your theology
    and philospohy
    even more

    God Bless

  2. How could you NOT watch and take pics? We’re drawn to the rich and famous, the bizarre and the beautiful — we can’t help it. And the word “sully” associated with a reading of the post might be a tad strong, just a tad…you are, after all, the who reminds us that it’s all holy, that there’s no need to separate our experiences into secular and spiritual, no need to apologize for our frivolous and very human aspects, that they too are valid (if they’re not, boy am I in trouble, big trouble). But you Deb, with your envy, now that’s another story entirely. That’s where we have to draw the line.

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