Mercy of Mountains

It’s a short sometimes steep 2 Km hike with a 300 meter climb to the Grassi Lakes…ponds really. Mount Lawrence Grassi and Ha Ling Peak look down on us as we climb. Unfolding to the west is the Goat Range, and across the Bow valley the Grotto and Charles Stuart mountains shade Canmore townsite.

GrassiLakeHike (3)

Offering of mountains

GrassiLakeHike (11)

Blessing of mountains

GrassiLakeHike (13)

Peace of mountains

GrassiLakeHike (17)

Message of mountains

GrassiLakeHike (24)

Mountains can blossom in any season

GrassiLakeHike (106)

Simplicity of Mountains

GrassiLakeHike (115)

The silence of mountains unsettle then shelter your soul

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  1. Great photos of the mountains. I’ve always enjoyed their austere beauty. One of the things which drew me to Calgary was to be closer to the Rockies. Even better would be living somewhere between Canmore and Golden

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