1. another great piece

    I often wonder what keeps you in a Baptist (evangelical)fellowship?

    It seems your understandings have evolved far from the norm of most Evangelical thinking.

    There a few voices that sound something like yours in the evangelical world but they are not likely to get speaking invitations to many congregations

    Is there a sense of mission and calling that keeps you in the stream you are in?

    Thanks for being a true voice, and a very interesting one as well.

  2. Len, Thank you for your generous comments. I haven’t seen myself as (E)vangelical for some time. I do however desire to reflect the “evangel.” Unfortunately (my opinion) for the Evangelical church as a whole, the Evangelical and evangel are too much strangers. That’s not at all to say I have been an accurate reflection of the “evangel.” God knows I haven’t. But I’ve had to distance myself, even while occasionally having one foot inside, from the peace annihilating, exclusionary, market driven forces that are embedded within many Evangelical churches. And to do this gracefully without scapegoating evangelicals themselves. I want instead to undergo the immensity of a Love that has no residue of wrath, no desire to be sacrificed to, no divine ego to maintain, no need for our reflexive worship. And I suppose my calling, whatever else it maybe and whatever else that may mean, is to continue to try to work this all out and give it something of an articulate frame. I hope this blog is true to that. -steve

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