Starbuck’s Log: Christmas Patience

One close-to-Christmas day at Starbucks:


The lady at the counter was trying to decide how many gift cards to get, presumably for her colleagues or friends or both. Well, she hemmed awhile but it really didn’t take her that long to decide; but I still felt a swell of indignity rise within me.

And the swelling continued as I mulled over my perfectly good reasons for stewing. My God, who would pick the morning coffee-rush to do Christmas shopping? Why didn’t she know what she wanted before she came? Why was she paying with a credit card? She knows it takes longer that way. And why didn’t she at least have the card ready instead of forever fishing around in her purse. And that last minute addition of an extra gift card that caused the clerk to re-tally her total, well, that was really pushing it.

Why was she so inconsiderate to me?

And so, as I waited, I decided to practice meditating. See how pious and self-deprecating I am? See how I’m taking on this great slighting, almost martyr-like, turning it into a spiritual testing, and rising mightily to the occasion. passed_out_corgi

See how I’m overcoming her obvious lack of respect for me, as I stand, straighter now, five persons back. See how my Christ-like forbearance is shining through my serene smile? Isn’t this good for me and the new morphic pattern I’m creating in the world? Isn’t the world just a bit better because of my tranquility in the face of such adversity?

Please spike my coffee with lorazepam. Danke schön.

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