God’s Will

I’m in a dressing room standing in a circle of old friends reciting the Our Father and toasting with sambuca just before we all go onstage. And I feel as though I’m in God’s will. (Just maybe I am able to use that phrase again.)

I remember being taught that God’s will was a kind of "fate," a pattern, that needed to be submitted to. I can’t believe that anymore. Perhaps underneath I never did believe it.

What I believe now is harder to believe and can really only be believed when acted upon. That is, that God’s will is a creative act in us, retrieved in us through our cooperation, that brings into the world an entirely new thing that a pattern could not have foreseen.

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  1. EXACTLY. And because the term “God’s will” has been misused, and in many cases, abused, I find even the language triggers a negative response in me now…..so much of the language associated with Christianity has that effect on me, which is sad. But I’m so glad you had that moment, that insight, that it isn’t about bending ourselves into some indecipherable remote and superior and external prescriptive will, but about creative becoming who we’re meant to be, who we already are in many ways, and usually have a pretty good understanding of.

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