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Allow me a bit of a divergent, and, well, self-referential post…you’re kind.


December 3rd Headline: Little known early-eighties band makes return engagement and achieves super-stardom!

Alternate headline: Proof people age but some never grow-up!

Actually there are people in this band who are truly talented musicians…and have kept their edge. (Bob McLaughlin, Ken Kowalyshyn, Rose Marie Bain, Julia Walker, Mike Simpson)

Me? (That’d be the guy on the far right with the nervously-surprised-but-delighted-I’m-here-holding-a-guitar grin.) Well…it’s so hard to blow the rust off of 15-20 years of very little playing.

But it was so much fun getting together and playing and practicing over the past few short months. So even if I completely suck tomorrow, I’ll consider this a delightful gift.

(And bless you Bob M. for the crazy and necessary idea. Carry on my friend. You are always in our prayers. And thank you all!)

One more possible headline: Groupies enthralled by jazzy ties, overcome by Beatles Medley.

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  1. I think its awesome that you’re doing this. I’m very excited for the show and I know that it’s going to be a lot of fun. Rock on dad.

  2. The ties will definitely have to go

    but I’m sure the groupies will help rip those off along with sundry other accouterments.

    You look like at blend ot The Band
    The He Haw orchestra (minus the jugs and washboard.)

    Looks like the local community paper will be able to honestly report that
    ‘Good God’ time was had by all.

  3. You didn’t suck, not a bit, you were awesome, and it was a ton of fun! And what a surprise to learn you could sing and play like that….you’re good at keeping secrets, that’s for sure. Who’da thunk it? And, though you filed this post in the “uncategorized” category (and the beauty one, which is apt), let me say that besides being beautiful fun, being there was a very spiritual experience.

  4. that should have read

    a ‘Good God’ time was had by all.

    Judging by Connie’s assessment it was Good and Godly all at once.


    by the way
    any chance that footage will be filed at U-Tube?

  5. Thank you Connie, and thank you guys for coming. I loved the whole thing. The venue and the people who put it on were classy, the crowd was big, and everybody danced. And there were some magical moments. And of course Jeff knew the artist of even the most remote 60’s rock tune. Well, the whole thing was a blast and has me somewhat dispondent now that it’s over. But a wonderful memory.

  6. Hi jake i got on stage for the first time since Bobs passing. Even though it was in Arizona It was tough, but i did ask for him to help me and be with me. As always he was there to push me on. Godbless.

  7. Hey Mike, so glad to hear from you and congratulations on your Arizona gig! Yes, still think of Bobby, still always missed, but I like that you felt that old “push”. Blessings back.

  8. Hi Jake,
    We better do this again soon… Starting to get long in the tooth!!, next gig we’ll all need to be sitting down!
    Blessings my good friend

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