Human Stuff

The sun burns cold and you can see the breath of all the buildings.

They make days like this so you remember and appreciate the warmth of human intimacy in all its forms. Which is the stuff that connects you to the invisible world. A world governed by the truth of beauty, music, art, poetry and mercy.

A pleasant East Indian gentleman stoped me on the street yesterday and asked me if, this was cold. He was wondering if he should be prepared for worse. I told him this was cold and to expect things to get better. His eyes smiled and he laughed through his scarf and was totally relieved. And I wondered why I didn’t qualify etc. etc. But was happy I didn’t.

My mother’s wringer-washer

How many memories can a body contain?

My 1964 Austin Cambridge (So sweet and so unreliable.)

And why do some things evoke such inexplicable longing?

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  1. This longing for community, this memory of intimte friendships now drifted… God must place this in our hearts to remind us that HE is the ultimate One whom we must seek.

    Still, the pleasant reminder of an old friend yesterday through an email had me thinking bittersweet thoughts. I love that I have special friends all over the world, but how I miss them!

    One day we will be together in Heaven and what a reunion that will be. Are you homesick, yet?

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