Exploding the Scapegoat Mechanism

Exploding the Scapegoat Mechanism

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This past week our city has seen the violent deaths of two teenagers. One murder was the result of a swarming. Consequently the paper has been full of letters and op-ed pieces. I had sent this in a while ago. They decided to publish it this weekend.

(If you’re a regular reader of this blog you’ll recognize the article. I had posted parts of it previously.)

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  1. Scapegoat – one of the least used metaphors to understand the meaning of Jesus’s death for us. It was not just God’s wrath against our sin that he bore, but our wrath against God and all (those) He created.

  2. Hi Steve:

    I linked the pastors of the Presence movement inLondon and one I ahve spoken to since is extremely moved by your powerful writing and by the forve of your convictions.

    Whatyou have shared in Exploding the Scapegoat Mechanism is such an amazing story.
    It has the power to heal when it is properly understood.
    You are onto an wonderful truth that needs to be broadcast far and wide.

    Our need to fit in (or at least be spared from being the bottom) by finding others lower on the totem to abuse is so human and so ugly.

    Perhaps the mirror that the crucifixion holds up to us all does reveal our desparate need to repent and to begin to live in a kingdom animated by very different forces and motivations.

    Thank you for continuing to share thesel thoughts with us.

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