Evil intent, slander, false witness,…these are what defile a person; but to eat with unwashed hands does not defile." (Matthew 15)

What do I try to sacralize that should be left as (simply) human, secular?

hiking at dusk in cornwall
hiking at dusk

In my zeal to divinize the mundane world, do I keep the old dualisms alive?

Why not simply sink into the world and wash my hands in its warm black soil?

ephphatha bench

Is it important to distinguish sacred from profane? Or are these false categories? …categories that remain alive only as long as I am not fully on (one) side, rather split in two by both.

Healy Ford Rabbit

Why not be earthed and alive in the buzzing and blooming of this wondrous world? Why not burst into flame?

I can, and do, come closer to God through attentively eating dandelions and drinking spring water, or smoking a cigar and drinking red wine than through pious praying.

Jesus desacralized the world. And in doing so, exposed our dis-ease as the result of a disordered, shrivelled, acquisitive desire.

on a waskesau trail

A spiritual life after all, is simply a secular life fully lived.

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