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Unfortunately I had to miss Ralph Klein’s parting interview last night on Global but I did get my wife and daughter to watch it for me. The reason for my curiosity was because our Premier was going to talk about his rather unbalanced late night visit to Hope Mission’s shelter for men.

If you recall it was around Christmas time back in 2001. Our Premier was drunk, got his driver to stop at the shelter, went in, looked around, got in a verbal altercation with a homeless person, threw some money on the floor in the man’s direction and left…with the help of his chauffer.

While it must be a bit daunting to interview the leader of a province Linda Steele apparently moderated more than interviewed. Her questions answered themselves and real engagement was suspended. For Ralph Klein’s part, what could have been a moment of genuine reflection, turned out to be a-wave-of-the-hand.

When asked why he went to the Hope Mission’s shelter, he answered that he was curious. (Reasonable enough.) When asked about his conduct, he replied that he thought "he was quite nice" and that he had been told by others that "he was quite kind". And when asked what he learned about the incident he said "he learned that there are snitches".

Just my opinion but perhaps Mr. Klein would benefit from some Enneagram.

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  1. It’s clear Ralph can’t be faulted. Enneagram or not. It’s clear the devil made him do it. Surprising Linda Steele, deep gal that she is, wasn’t able to reach behind the spiritual smog that is Ralph’s brain to reveal the demonic tendencies. So let’s invite her and Ralph to Beulah Alliance Church’s exciting upcoming seminar “What every believer needs to know about satan, demons and spiritual warfare.” I’ll be there unless, of course, the evil schemer has his way.

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