I’ve noticed that I have a fascination with lighthouses. I automatically take a picture every time one comes into my horizon. Of course they all pretty much look the same. Even so, I reach for my camera when I spot one.

I remember doing this when I was hiking in England, and I do the same thing when I go to the West coast. Perhaps it’s the Mission in me. The "rescue" element in our ministry has a nautical theme. Where I work our first logo was the anchor and life-buoy. As well our Mission’s founder, before coming to Canada, worked on the boats off the northern coast of Norway.

Or perhaps it’s the grand metaphor itself. While easily overused, it is still an apt one for all we humans. We all need a lighthouse in our lives.


I should mention that the one basic difference with lighthouses here is that some have "houses" built into them. Our hosts knew the family and their six kids that grew up in this one. Seems that it might have been idyllic to grow up in a lighthouse.

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  1. hope you’re having a great restful holiday! Sorry about the call to your cell phone – I hope it doesn’t cost you too much! Touch base with you when you get back.

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