Her Honour Barbara Hagerman

Lieutenant Governor Barbara Hagerman ran out of Government House into the rose garden were we were ambling, smelling the perfumed air, and watching the Canalilies sway in the slow breeze.



She came out to see her friends, our hosts. We had just finished touring the house, learning the mysteries of a two hundred year old piano, the 1864 Charlottetown Conference that led to the birth of Canada, and French realist wallpaper.

The Lieutenant Governor lives and works here, and after our tour the guide had given notice of our presence. Earith, Deb’s cousin, didn’t want to bother her. After all, Barabara Hagerman had just been "installed" two weeks ago. Our hosts could call her up any time. They knew her well. Also, she had been the church organist at Summerside Presbyterian, where they went to church.

Barbara is vivacious, energetic, and comes on as someone who has never met a conversation she didn’t like. I asked her how she was enjoying here new post and she said "It’s just like performing at Carnegie Hall every day."

She knows of what she speaks. She is, apparently, an amazing musician; but she is also a keen community booster. Her Carnegie Hall performance was the result of her organizing and directing and playing for a choir from the island. What our own Lois Hole was to gardening and community, Barbara Hagerman is to music and local society.

She is also as engaging and grounded as Lois Hole was. No guile or pretense. Even as representing the Queen to the province, she does things like run out to flower gardens after old friends.


(Above) Lieutenant Governor Barbara Hagerman with her "home" in the background.


(Below) Deb and her cousin Earith.


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