Kim Jong’s Front Yard

If you’ve been keeping up on world news, you’ll have heard about the N. Korean missile crisis. Well, I have a personal interest in these volatile proceedings.

It’s like this: Shimonoseki is a port city located on the southwestern tip of the main island of Honshu, Japan. But what makes Shimonoseki famous for me is that it’s where my eldest son lives and works.

Thing is, Shimonoseki is the only port where trade between Japan and Korea occurs. Well, did occur. As Michael explains and responds,

06-06-17 15-56

Much of the day to day goods consumed here are Korean. Consequently, the impact of the ensuing Japanese imposed trade sanctions will probably most evident right here in this little Southern fishing town. Pretty crazy eh?

I’m thinkin about gettin a posse of highly-trained ninja together, raftin right up into Kim Jong’s front yard, and punchin him in the face… but ya know…

You’ll be happy to know that I’ll be emailing him counsel about this. On second thought, isn’t this just somethin, excuse me, something, an Old Testament Hebrew Psalmist would say?

About the picture… couldn’t resist: Michael with his star student Kazuki. (Father’s day of course.)

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