Jim Wallis – Sojourner

Many years ago I read a book by called, "A Call to Conversion", by Jim Wallis. You might have heard of Wallis before. I suppose you could describe him as a Christian social activist.

The book described his own ongoing conversion concerning care of the poor. He also shared his experiences of living with a few like-minded Christians, in community with the poor. It was a prophetic book and at times Wallis sounded like an Old Testament Amos.

His challenge to Christendom's all too often insular ways is fervent, and even though the book is a quarter century old, the message is still relevant. From a certain perspective this is sad.

Well Jim Wallis hasn't gone away, or changed his message. His latest endeavor is organizing something called Pentecost 2006: Building A Covenant for a New America. His plan is to put poverty on America's national agenda.

Alternatively check out a magazine called Sojourners of which Wallis is editor-in-chief. Always insightful and challenging articles on social justice issues. Somewhat disappointing is that I have yet to find a Canadian equivalent to Sojourners. Or perhaps you can point me to one.

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