Counsellors or Something

Driving home from friend's place Saturday night, past midnight, My wife Debbie and I saw a young woman walking east along the edge of the highway by Anthony Hendy. We drove by and immediately wondered about her safety. We made a circle, came up along side her and stopped, rolled down the window so she could see us, and asked her if we could give her a ride some place.

She said yes. She had an address. It was a street corner but she said her boyfriend lived nearby. We pulled into a parking on the given street corner and asked again if she would be okay. She asked if we were counsellors or something. We told her briefly what we did and where we worked. She opened up, said she was pregnant and wondered about getting onto a program, said she was concerned about her baby, wanted to keep it, maybe take a parenting course. We told her about the various options, both with Hope Mission (where we work) and with other agencies. She knew of some of the places, even being as young as she was.

Before she got out we gave her phone numbers and a card. She seemed thankful and receptive. We left her and watched her walk down Stony Plain road.

We still feel for her safety. Really don't know if she had a place, or what or who her boyfriend was. But perhaps something in our conversation will stay with her. Even as she has stayed in our prayers.

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  1. I hope she checks out Hope Mission, in fact I was going to ask you for a card (and forgot to) as I believe she’s the same woman I’ve run into on a number of occasions, always walking around looking desperate and lost… homeless I’m sure, and I think likely boyfriendless too. Sad.

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