Jubilant City Spirit

It's a curious phenomenon how a sports team can bring a city together. Well, "together" with qualifications.

Still, driving home tonight from my son's place on the north side of Edmonton, it seemed like the whole city was leaning on its horn in congenial exultation.

I know this can turn sour with the emergence of the irrational collective spirit, and things get silly crazy–especially over on Whyte. I overheard a conversation by a couple police officers telling some people at the Tokyo Express the other day, how they prefer to see the Oilers lose.

But this aside, as we were driving down 97th Street and then along 104th Ave, seeing groups of people waving flags, leaping and cheering, and car horns blaring, strangers high-fiving…the city felt jubilantly friendly.

If only we could find a spirit that could keep us like this all the time.

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