Jean Sulivan Iconoclast

“I would like to believe that the “childhood” of Christendom is over, that it is breaking away from ideology and legalism, no longer emphasizing concepts–the western representation of things–tearing down its doctrinal scaffolding, or at least keeping it at a distance, something for specialists, and becoming at once more feeble and more strong, more apt to express itself in terms of our common anthropological foundation.”

The forgoing is a quote by priest and writer Jean Sulivan (1913-1980). I came across Sulivan’s quote in Gil Bailie’s amazing book “Violence Unveiled”. Bailie follows this up by saying, “One of the many paradoxes with which Christians must wrestle, is the fact that, by its very nature, a “pro-Christian position is antithetical to the spirit of the gospel.”

The great distressing problem too many of us Christians have, particularly us western Christians, is that we don’t see the paradox. We don’t see that a “Christian rally” is anti-gospel.

Just another reason to consider the call to “non-Christianity”.

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  1. SUCH a good quote. I wonder though if you must feel a little like I feel at times, being an alternative health person — very few “get” the profound truth of what you’re saying. It should be widely published though.

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