Interrupting My Day

“It has taken me a while to learn that there is no “them” and “us” in the eyes of God.”, writes Bev Curtis in today’s Religion section of the Edmonton Journal. Bev Curtis’ story will resonate well with “mission-types”; it’s a wonderful piece of writing.

But the experience of being blessed by giving, is something that is not reserved for mission or church workers, it’s a universal human experience. It’s a sign our common humanity points to something far beyond our hide-bound individualism. In Matthew 25 terms, the Jesus we serve in others always brings out the Jesus in us, and vice versa. Through active compassion the categories break down.

I wish this, no “us” and “them” lesson, was one that once learned, always remembered. In my case, I find I need refreshers. The categories need deconstructing every day. And the deconstruction is only done through acts of human kindness.

Which brings me to my wife. Debbie works at an inner-city mission as a Human Resources consultant. Her door revolves with, as they say, people issues. She told me this morning of the thought that crossed her mind as one more “unscheduled” person knocked on her door the other day. “You’re interupting my day…!”

However, she did invite the person in and she listened and learned and cared and after, felt encouraged and inspired.

You’re interupting my day…no, you are my day.


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  1. Keep writing Steve, your insights are inspirational….giving to someone hungry—whether literally or spiritually or emotionally—has been so much a part of my life over the years, and it’s not always easy to remember to stop, and really see what the person interupting your day has been brave enough to ask for.

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