James Alisons Inspiration

This is just to let you know of my basic frame of reference concerning Grow Mercy.

Two years ago my wife brought home an essay by Dr. David Snartch on marriage, sexuality and human desire. In the essay was a quote from Sebastian Moore, a Benedictine monk, “Sin stems from a lack of desire for pleasure”.

Because of my interest in things Benedictine I began to look for stuff by or on Sebastian Moore, but admittedly, his thoughts on desire were even more intriguing. (More on this later.)

I found some articles and one used book in a Catholic book store called, ‘The Language of God’. It was not very accessible. I further discovered that much of Moore’s work is out of print. However, as I continued to comb through links and references I came upon a forward Dom Moore had written for a book by James Alison. The book was called ‘Beyond Resentment, Fragments, Catholic and Gay’.

This is an amazing book that reveals a wonderful mind and a most gracious heart. I have been reading James Alison since then.

I soon found that James Alison regarded the work of anthropologist Rene Girard as more than significant. Alison and others see Girard’s central thought and hypothesis as monumental in scope and touching all disciplines. The “Girardians” are growing in number. Still, far too few have discovered Girard’s work. An interesting aside to this is that before Girard’s work took a decidedly Christian turn, a turn his research compelled him to take, he was highly esteemed in the secular academia.

James Alison however is more than an insightful interpreter of Girard. His theology is borne from long existential engagement with a God of love without borders. And his life and voice reflect a liberated and liberating desire. More, his life reflects the mercy of a borderless God of love.

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